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Cosmetic Surgery Coordinators

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Heidi Polo – Richardson Cosmetic Surgery Coordinator for Dr. Denton Watumull and Dr. Derek Rapp
Heidi loves seeing the confidence cosmetic surgery can give to patients. “Cosmetic surgery helped me gain confidence. I love seeing the insecurities of patients fade away and their confidence built”. With almost 20 years of experience in medical, including as a scrub tech in the operating room, she is able to better guide patients on what to expect before and after surgery. “Working with Dr. Watumull, who has over 25 years of expertise, makes this my dream job”. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she is able to help more patients feel at ease.

Brittany Baldwin – Rockwall Cosmetic Surgery Coordinator for Dr. Bruce Byrne and Dr. Derek Rapp
Brittany loves helping patients. “My passion is plastic surgery. I have worked in plastic surgery and dermatology since 2012. I graduated from Paul Mitchell with my Esthetic License in 2011. I love being able to assist and guide patients throughout the entire surgery process. I am committed to building lasting relationships with patients, and to make every patient feel comfortable and secure in their decision to have cosmetic surgery.”

couchJanice Couch, RN, BSN, RNFA – Practice and Cosmetic Surgery Coordinator for Dr. Joshua Lemmon and Dr. Chase Derrick
Janice welcomes you to our practice. “With 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, plastic surgery is where my heart is. I truly enjoy helping individuals obtain their goals. I have been with patients during the whole process of surgery and am able to help guide the patient throughout their experience here at Regional Plastic Surgery Center. The favorite part of my career is being able to have a relationship with each patient. I work with the patient pre-operatively and am available post-operatively. My goal is to make each and every patient feel comfortable and alleviate any concerns going into surgery. I am the point of contact for all cosmetic and breast reconstruction patients for Dr. Joshua Lemmon.

Dr. Watumull’s Assistants

DebbieDebbie Burnett – Surgery Coordinator – Dr. Watumull
Debbie’s warm smile has been brightening RPSC for 20 years. She is our Clinic and Front Desk Supervisor who provides calm to our busy office. After your appointment in our Richardson office, Debbie will help schedule your follow up appointment. Her more than 25 years of medical experience shows in her care for patients. “All of our patients have a special place in my heart. It is very rewarding to be a part of a practice that can make a person feel better and more confident about themselves. Some of our cancer, trauma and birth deformity patients require multiple procedures. Being able to see the confidence our patients have, after completing their reconstruction, really gives an extra layer of purpose to our caring practice. I am honest and real. I get along well with patients and love being a part of their lives. After all, that is why we are here…to touch other peoples lives in a positive manner.”

AmberAmber Gutierrez, MA – Surgery Coordinator – Dr. Watumull

Betty McHargue, CSFA – Surgery Assistant – Dr. Watumull
“I think the best part of working with Dr. Watumull is how we can dramatically change people’s look for the better and know that the patient is going to be so happy.” Betty has worked for Dr. Watumull as his first assist in surgery since 2010. As a Certified Surgery First Assist, she is responsible to make sure everything is ready for surgery and helps keep the scrub informed of what is needed during surgery to make sure everything runs smoothly. After graduating from scrub school in 2004, Betty worked for Baylor Garland Medical Center and then Breckenridge Surgery Center beginning in 2006. She graduated from first assist school in March 2010 and has been working for Dr. Watumull ever since then.

Dr. Byrne’s Assistants

Pamela Pamela Ramirez – Surgery Coordinator – Dr. Byrne
Pamela has worked for RPSC since 2005. Originally hired as a medical assistant, she now schedules surgery for Dr. Byrne. “Dr. Byrne is awesome to work with and for in every way. I have learned so much from the back office to the front office.” She will schedule your surgery, secure pre-certification and benefit information. She will handle everything to do with workers compensation including authorizations from the workers compensation adjuster. “I like helping patients throughout the entire process. A lot of them are uncomfortable or in pain and need relief soon so I am glad that I am able to get patients scheduled as quickly as possible. Patients appreciate that I am thorough and give detailed information. I will definitely find answers for them.”

LisaLisa Strimpel, SA-C – Surgery Assistant – Dr. Byrne
Specializing in Plastics, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular, Lisa has been assisting surgeons in the operating room since 2005. After being employed by Breckenridge Surgery Center for 10 years, she joined Regional Plastic Surgery Center as a First Assist for Dr. Byrne in 2017. Lisa says she likes caring for our patients and making a positive change for them.

Dr. Lemmon’s Assistants

AlzenaAlzena Yanez – Surgery Coordinator – Dr. Lemmon
Alzena has been a medical assistant since 2002, a part of the RPSC staff since 2004 and an x-ray technician since 2011. She is Dr. Lemmon’s personal assistant and surgery scheduler. You will speak with her to initially schedule your office visit, schedule surgery or for any concerns you need resolved pertaining to your work or post-operative care. Patients trust Alzena and are grateful to her because everything requested of her is done promptly. “Surgery can be unnerving. It is my job to help make the pre-operative process a bit smoother”.

Barb Biedenbender, CSFA – Surgery Assistant – Dr. Lemmon

Patient Care Assistants

Teri Harwell
Belinda Valadez
Diana Solano

Business Office

Cheryl Phillips – Billing Manager for Dr. Lemmon
Cheryl has over 25 years of healthcare experience in Plastic Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. During that time responsibilities included coding, billing, appeals, auditing and training. She has several certifications including CPC (Certified Professional Coder), CMC (Certified Medical Coder) and CPMA (Certified Professional Medical Auditor). Cheryl’s experience and knowledge allows her to review processes and insure all aspects of the billing office operate smoothly together as a team. Also making sure that all patient care concerns are handled in a timely and appropriate manner. Outside of the office she and her husband enjoy small remodeling projects, yard work, gardening, spending time with their grandchildren and watching and attending Texas Rangers baseball games.

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