Regional Plastic Surgery Center

Hand and Wrist Surgery

The Dallas hand surgeons of RSPC Hand Surgery Center, a division of Regional Plastic Surgery Center, treat hands, wrists, arms and elbows. All four of our plastic surgeons also have extensive education, training and experience in hand surgery. Dr. Denton Watumull, Dr. Bruce Byrne, Dr. Joshua Lemmon and Dr. Derek Rapp, have completed an additional one year fellowship in hand and microvascular surgery training after their plastic surgery residency. Drs. Watumull, Byrne and Lemmon have also attained their Certificate of Added Qualification in Hand Surgery.

The hand surgeons of RPSC Hand Surgery Center comprise one of the largest hand surgery groups in North Texas specializing in surgery of the hand, wrist, and microsurgery. Specialties include nerve compression (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome), damaged nerves, arthritis of the hand and wrist, wrist arthroscopy and minimally invasive upper extremity surgery, hand trauma, broken or crushed bones, compressed joints, and complex upper extremity reconstruction. Additionally, your procedure can be combined with hand rejuvenation for cosmetic purposes.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release is a less-invasive surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome than open-release surgery. Because only a small incision is needed with the endoscopic technique, you will likely go home the same day and have a faster recovery time. If you are still experiencing pain after all other conservative measures have been taken, your doctor may suggest surgery to help relieve your pain and restore your mobility. An endoscope (a tiny camera) enables the surgeon to see within the space. Your surgeon will use specialized instruments to repair the carpal tunnel surgically. To learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome causes, when to seek help and effective treatment solutions from our hand surgeons, watch the video on our hand and upper extremity website,

Hand Rejuvenation

Hands tell your age. Hand rejuvenation can be a great way to restore a youthful appearance to the skin on your hands. If you desire to reduce signs of wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, prominent veins, scars, moles, and minor burns, ask us about hand rejuvenation treatment options to renew the appearance of your hands and reveal younger-looking skin.

For more information about hand and upper extremity treatments, visit our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our hand surgeons at our Richardson, Rockwall or Las Colinas location (972)470-5000.

Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation

RPSC Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation with Certified Hand Therapists, Sharon French OTR, CHT and Melissa Peavey, OTR, CHT, at our Richardson and Rockwall locations. Our hand therapists have advanced experience and skills with traumatic, compression injuries and surgeries. They also have advanced skills in custom splinting, use of modalities, kinesiotaping and therapeutic massage.

For more information about hand therapy and our treatment program, visit our website for Hand Therapy or call (972)470-5005 to schedule an appointment with one of our hand therapists at our Richardson or Rockwall location.