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Breast Revision Surgery

At Regional Plastic Surgery Center, we pride ourselves in being able to take of the most difficult breast revision cases with excellent results.

One of the factors that have allowed our surgeons to excel is our extensive experience with breast reconstruction after cancer. Our plastic surgeons have a combined experience of over 40 years with reconstructing breasts after cancer. The mastectomy patient represents one of the most difficult problems in plastic surgery.

Please consider the photos below. This patient had 13 surgeries under the care of a different plastic surgeon and still had very visible scars and asymmetries. The after picture is after only one revision at Regional Plastic Surgery. The scars were corrected, the asymmetry corrected and this was done in only one stage as an outpatient.

One of our strongest philosophies at RPSC is to avoid a revision in the first place. Accurate primary surgery with careful pre-op planning and meticulous attention to detail in the execution of the first operation is the most ideal situation. We are proud of the fact that among the plastic surgeons of RPSC our revision rates are less than 2% at 5 years for primary breast augmentation.

However, should a revision be necessary, the key steps are as follows:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis of the nature of the problem
  • Set realistic expectations about what can be done
  • Have a wide range of the newest techniques to address the problem

The patient had saline implants placed over 20 years prior. However, the breast tissue had thinned from the pressure of the implants leaving visible rippling. In addition, the breasts had dropped to a position far lower than the cosmetic ideal. Thinned out breast tissue over breast implants can be one of the most difficult issues to repair in aesthetic breast surgery. In one stage, the patient had the saline implants removed, the pocket of the implant was changed to a submuscular location and a mastopexy was done to lift the nipple and breast tissues at the same time. Notice how much higher the breasts are and the resolution of the rippling. The post op photos are one year out, demonstrating a durable fix to the problem.

At Regional Plastic Surgery Center, we stand ready and able to handle both straightforward and complicated revision cases.

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