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Breast Lift

Many women are content with their breast size, but would like to elevate their breasts and achieve a firmer, perkier appearance. Pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and aging can stretch and deflate the breasts, causing unwanted drooping and noticeable aesthetic changes. Our plastic surgeons at Regional Plastic Surgery Center & Spa are experienced in a variety of breast lift techniques that can address a number of breast concerns. With a breast lift our surgeons can remove excess skin, recontour the breasts, elevate them on the chest wall, and reshape/reposition the nipples if necessary. Each breast lift they perform is customized to address the unique needs and goals of each patient for optimal results.

Breast Lift Surgery

Aging, pregnancy, weight loss, and heredity can stretch breast skin and cause the skin to lose its elasticity. For women who are happy with the size of their breasts, but unhappy with breast sagging or loss of breast shape, breast lift can provide a way to achieve their cosmetic goals.

breast3-2If you are dissatisfied with both the shape and size of your breasts, we can enhance the size of your breasts by combining two cosmetic breast surgeries into one. It is common for breast lift to be performed in conjunction with breast enlargement in a procedure called breast augmentation mastopexy (BAM), which means a breast lift with augmentation. This particular procedure is often requested as part of a full mommy makeover treatment plan, which is designed to restore a woman’s pre-baby figure after childbirth through various cosmetic procedures and treatments.

Breast Lift Surgery Consultation

Each breast lift patient at Regional Plastic Surgery Center & Spa starts with a one-on-one consultation with her cosmetic surgeon prior surgery. The breast lift consultation is extremely important. From this conversation, our cosmetic surgeon will be able to determine which breast lift technique should be used and if other cosmetic breast procedures may be necessary to  meet the patient’s goals and expectations.

Evaluation of the Breasts

As part of the breast lift consultation, our plastic surgeon evaluates current breast shape and skin elasticity. Dallas breast lift patients who are planning to lose a significant amount of weight or who are trying to become pregnant should tell their plastic surgeon. Both weight loss and pregnancy significantly affect breast shape.

Your Medical History

During the breast lift consultation, our patients should candidly discuss their medical history, including any previous breast surgeries, mammography results, and any family history of breast cancer. Our patients should fully explain to their cosmetic surgeon how they expect their breasts to look after the breast lift procedure.

Your Breast Lift Surgery Treatment Plan

There are many techniques available for breast lift. Our cosmetic surgeons will use the information provided during the consultation and the results of the breast examination to determine the most appropriate breast lift techniques for each individual patient. Our plastic surgeons may recommend other body contouring procedures, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty to provide patients with results that meet their expectations.

The Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

Breast lift surgery performed at Regional Plastic Surgery Center is an outpatient procedure that involves anesthesia. Although techniques vary, typically our cosmetic surgeon makes incisions along the breast’s natural contour and the new nipple location. Excess skin is removed. The areola and nipple are moved to the new location. If the sagging breast caused the areola to stretch and enlarge, the areola is made smaller. Most patients retain sensation in the nipple area and may be able to breast feed. The remaining skin is pulled taught and stitched closed.

What to Expect After the Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

Once surgery is complete, surgical drains may be placed to eliminate internal fluid buildup and the breasts are bandaged. A few hours after surgery, patients are typically released to a friend or family member to return home. Our surgeons recommend that patients rest for the entire day and continue to rest with limited movement on the day after surgery. Any post-surgical discomfort can be effectively managed with medication and typically fades after several days. Patients generally return for a post-operative appointment a few days after surgery. At this time it is common for surgical drains to be removed and new dressings to be applied. In some cases, patients are instructed to wear a support bra throughout the early recovery process (usually a few weeks) to aid in proper healing.

Breast Lift Surgery Results

The results achieved with breast lift surgery are typically long-lasting; however, the breasts will continue to age. Women with larger, heavier breasts may experience the aging process more rapidly than those with smaller breasts. Long after breast lift, some women opt to undergo a follow-up breast lift to correct for the visible effects of gravity and aging.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Regional Plastic Surgery Center will explain the entire breast lift procedure prior to your breast lift surgery. Most breast lift patients are extremely happy with the results of their surgery and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

If you would like to learn more about breast lift, please contact Regional Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation. One of our plastic surgeons will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the most appropriate breast lift approach for your body type and aesthetic concerns. As breast lift and cosmetic breast surgery specialists, our surgeons have many years of experience helping women realize their dreams of beautiful, proportionate bustlines.